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To facilitate social well-being, justice and rule of law to the courts of law through provision of quality laboratory analytical results on matters related to forensic science, biology and DNA.


The Directorate performs the following functions:-

(i) To conduct laboratory analysis on matters related to forensic toxicology, biology. Chemistry, DNA, drugs and illicit drugs for executing healthy. legal and social well-being;

(ii) To participate in crime scene examinations for the purpose of collecting, Packaging, Storage. transporting and analysis of forensic evidences or samples for legal matters and social well- being;

(iii) To testify in Courts of Law as expert witness;

(iv) To train Law Enforcement Agencies on proper and effective collection. labelling. packaging. storage, and transportation of forensic evidences or samples;

(v) To conduct research activities on matters related to forensic toxicology. biology. chemistry and DNA services;

(vi) To conduct training and public awareness on matters related to forensic toxicology. biology. chemistry and DNA services:

(vii) To develop. validate and review laboratory methods for forensic toxicology, biology, chemistry and DNA testing:

(viii) To prepare. implement and review Standard Operating Procedures for forensic toxicology, biology, chemistry and DNA testing:

(ix) To conduct and participate in Proficient Testing (PT) schemes to facilitate accreditation of forensic laboratory methods:

(x) To assess the Directorate risk analysis and implement mitigation measures accordingly:

(xi) To implement Quality Management System and Laboratory Accreditation Requirements:

(xii) To conduct forensic laboratory analysis on any matter of national or public interest to which forensic science may be required.

(xiii) To carry out disposal of biological specimens and laboratory wastes, and

(xiv) To provide scientific advice and consultancy services on any matter related to Forensic Science and DNA Services.

This Directorate lead by a Director and has three (3) Sections as follows:-

(i) Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Section

(ii) Forensic Chemistry Laboratory Section and

(iii) Forensic Biology and DNA Services Laboratory Section


Staff and equiment

  • Directorate has highly qualified and experienced personnel in Forensic Biology, Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Directorate has modern analytical equipment and instruments.

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