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To ensure effective and cost effective planning, management and administration of human resources and financial resources.


The Directorate will perform the following functions:-

(i) To advise the Chief Government Chemist on all matters regarding planning, finance. administration of the Authority:

(ii) To develop and implement planning, finance, accounting. administrative, recruitment and staffing policy guidelines, regulations and procedures

(iii) To maintain effective financial management of the Authority;

(iv) To coordinate preparation of Authority's strategic and business plans, Implementation time framework and action plans and monitor their Implementation;

(v) To coordinate preparation of AuthorityÔÇÖs strategic and business plans, implementation time framework and action plans and monitor their implementation;

(vi) To develop and constantly review accounts system and financial rules and regulations at GCLA and ensure they follow the legal requirements:

(vii) To coordinate open performance review and appraisal for the Authority; and

(viii) To provide link between GCLA, MoHCDGEC and PO-PSMGG on operationalization of the public service management and employment policy and relevant public service regulations.

This Directorate lead by a Director and has the following Sections:-

(i) Finance and Accounts Section;

(ii) Planning, Evaluation and Monitoring Section; and

(iii) Human Resource Management and Administration Section.

Staff and equipment

  • Directorate has highly qualified and experienced staff in accounting, financial management, Administration and Human Resources.


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